AralkumMigration:  Water RisingMigration:  AegaenMigration:  Remnants of WarMigration (Pilgrimage)UntitledMigration (Places of Power)Untitled (Hot Spot)Untitled (Migration)
Lately I am confronted daily with the images of migration and it’s causes, and I paint in response.

This group of abstract paintings are a meditation on migration and the forces that cause the movement of great numbers of people away from their homelands: Escaping war, oppression, poverty, famine and the effects of climate change, seeking peace, security, safety, freedom, or Embarking on pilrimage.

From my work about the Iraq war, squares with tally marks came to mean numbers of individuals--large numbers--and in the context of the war, they represented "collateral damage," civilians who died as a result of the war. In this meditation on migration, the tally marks still represent to me populations, and the squares holding those marks imply communities... those bound together by blood, religion, nationality, refugee status.... The squares group together or skirt the edge of the unknown, or break off on their own.