Using forest imagery and abstract markings, my painting process proceeds intuitively. I allow the imagery and the materials to lead me into a deeply personal investigation of memory, spirituality, and political and humanitarian realities.


Nancy Marks & Terry Boutelle at JP Licks
May thru June 2019

AMP Gallery, Provincetown
432 Commercial St. Provincetown

Mother Brook Open Studios, 123 High St., Dedham, MA
Dec 7-8, 2019

Thanks to all who visited me at Mother Brook Open Studios this Spring. Come visit the studio at Mother Brook Arts and Community Center; by appointment.

Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts, 24 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain, MA
8/4/2019, Mixed media-2D, collage & image transfer
10/2019; 1/2020; Acrylic Painting