Terry_Boutelle, Artist

My painting process proceeds intuitively. I allow the imagery and the materials to lead me into a deeply personal investigation of memory, spirituality, and political and humanitarian realities. more

Thank you to those on the front lines dealing with the pandemic and thanks also to those who are keeping things going virtually.

AMP Gallery, Provincetown is exhibiting several of my tree paintings through December, along side artists Liz Collins, Jamie Casertano, Marc van Cauwenbergh, and Forrest Williams. 432 Commercial St. Provincetown, MA. Contact them for hours:
See the current exhibition:

Look for virtual painting classes in the future.

Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts, 24 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain, MA. Contact: info@eliotschool.org or 617-524-3313 x12.

Mother Brook Arts Center, 123 High St., Dedham, MA. Contact: info@motherbrookarts.org.

"Kivalina" won a second place juror's prize at Mother Brook Art Center in December. Here are the juror's observations:
"Despite bright colors and droll houses of "Kivalina," one can't help but feel that this painting is more than it seems. In fact, it seems rather ominous. The outlines of houses are simple and imprecise, as if made by a child, imparting a sense of familiarity and home. However, the drips of paint and wax and encased slips of paper, houses buried under layers of translucent material, the almost toxic yellow shade of the crusty globs creeping in from the edge of the canvas, and--most of all--the tally marks on some of the houses impart a sense of being trapped or being in danger. A quick google query confirms this sensation of dread: Kivalina is a small Alaskan village facing imminent destruction due to rising sea levels. With simple, universally recognizable imagery and diverse textures, [Kivalina] makes a striking statement about the threat to home--and the planet--posed by climate change." --Vicky Rodriguez