TangleWinter Invitation (SOLD)Overlooking the PondCrisp Winter Air (SOLD)Gateway (SOLD)Fugitive Light (SOLD)Winter Solitaire IIIHemlock Memories V (SOLD)A Light Beyond (SOLD)Shadow or MemoryBy the Muddy River (Over your cities trees will grow)Before the Snake (for Nathaniel Tarn) (SOLD)Water's Edge I (Giclee)Morning Fog I (Giclee)Red Sky in MorningHemlock Memories2 (SOLD)Winter Solitaire IOver Your City Trees Will Grow (I)Shelburne Birches II (diptych), SOLDRoadside Birches, Day  SOLDRoadside Birches, Pre-Dawn SOLDPondside (diptych) [SOLD]Through Birches (SOLD)Winter Blues II
Trees represent to me strength, wisdom, transformation, and the forest a sacred sense of place.
I look for imagery in the natural environment around me. The Arnold Arboretum is within walking distance of my home, and I find inspiration there, recalling the woods of my childhood. The woods were my first intimate connection with nature. While walking there alone, I found solace and a sense of mystery/order, and I discovered an inner voice that has been a companion throughout my life. With images of birch groves and evergreen forests harboring a fugitive light source, these paintings evoke for me a sacred sense of place.